Lucy Slutsky, DMD

West Orange, NJ Dentist, Lucy Slutsky, DMD

Lucy Slutsky, DMD

Can a visit to the dentist be life-altering?  Dr. Lucy Slutsky thinks so.  A brighter, more beautiful smile, she believes, can do wonders.  “It’s something that can really change the way you see yourself in the mirror, the way you feel about yourself”, she says.

Dr. Slutsky has been helping to create such smiles since 1997.  Her Pompton Lakes, NJ dental office serves both adults and children, and specializes in cosmetic dentistry and tooth implants (implantology). 

Dr. Slutsky’s love of dentistry surfaced early.  While most kids were playing with dolls or blocks, she was amusing herself with dental tools. Strange?  Not for the granddaughter of a dentist, whose family was passionate about this area of medicine.

For her, choosing a career was simple.  “I didn’t really have to think twice,” says Dr. Slutsky, who went on to graduate from Temple University School of Dentistry. 
While her specialty – cosmetic dentistry - is most often associated with tooth-whitening, there's much more to it today.  To create picture-perfect pearly whites, she combines a variety of techniques, including repositioning the teeth, and adding implants, crowns and veneers as needed.

"To achieve the desired result", notes Dr. Slutsky, "in most cases we work with periodontists and orthodontists."  The result is a beautiful smile that gives patients confidence, self assurance....and something to smile about. 

Dr. Slutsky believes that everyone's teeth should be both beautiful and functional. To get the job done right, she renovated her office three years ago. Now everything is state-of-the-art, from the patients' chairs to the drilling machines.  The dentist's expertise is cutting-edge as well; she regularly attends continuing education classes to stay on top of the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry and implantology.

Although Dr. Slutsky uses technology to its fullest, the atmosphere in her office is "old-fashioned" in the comfiest sense of the word.  "We give patients special attention," she says, stressing that she never wants them to feel rushed, or that they have to share her attention with other patients.  "When people come to my dental office," she says, "I want them to feel like it's a family atmosphere.  Our deeply caring environment produces plenty of sunny smiles all on its own".


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